Why choose a Racine Kenosha Builders Association Member

Dedication to professionalism, strong business ethics and industry standards are among the many reasons members site for joining the Racine Kenosha Builders Association (RKBA). And they are the same reasons consumer looking to build a home or remodel choose to work with a RKBA member – because, ultimately, it’s the consumer that benefits from these association safeguards and initiatives.

A professional organization of builders, craftspeople, subcontractors and suppliers, the RKBA currently boasts a roster of more than 100 member firms – more than 20 of which are builders. The association serves Racine and Kenosha Counties.

Continuing education opportunities are one of many benefits available to members through the RKBA, WBA and NAHB. The Associations in concert frequently offer seminars on federal regulations, building codes, business management, environmental and safety issues. Because building a home is probably the biggest investment most consumers make, the public is asking for businesses that display a commitment to professionalism, education and superior craftsmanship.

All RKBA members are required to provide proof of insurance. If applying for membership as a Builder, they must also provide current State Contractor Certifications, work with multiple trades and provide a history of completed projects.

Use a professional you can trust.